Sharing words, telling the stories that bring life and colour to the wisdom sent forward by the ancestors.

Nothing is lost to us. All we need to know is held in the memory. It but awaits it's time. We come at last to the Returning, to the age when prophecy is fulfilled, when wisdom is gifted back to guide us into tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Time of Hope Diane Cooper interviews Barry Brailsford Author & Historian. Barry shares with us his insight, speaking of hope in our troubled world. He is among many who offer a brighter perspective on the times we are witnessing in our world today. Thank you Barry.


  1. what an inspiration you are Barry, I first dicovered your stories 8yrs ago and since then i've found your truths resonate with me , Thank you for sharing. Beautiful words, bring on the revolution!!! of the soul!! Aroha nui from the far north, Yani

    1. Great to hear from you Yani. Arohanui.

  2. Dear Barry, nice to meet you at Glastonbury. So sorry not to find any time to talk with you - but finally we all are connected anyway. Found a cropcircle nearby stone circle of Avebury on 2nd August 2012 - you talked about on 31st July in Valerye's livingroom - and I heard their voice to go there - wonderful experience. Good journey furtheron - An'Anasha - Maria-Anna from Bavaria/Germany